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Thursday, September 08, 2016 LutfiNabhila 1 Comments


Hope you're all doing well. I have done some construction to this blog so it can appear a bit more descent to the eyes.My life has been going well. Tipu lah kan kalau tak ada ups and downs. But overall, it has been magical.

This post is not going to help you or entertain you in anyways, (i'm really sorry for that). I'm actually making this post to announce my soon-appearance on YouTube. Yes! The YouTube that we always love to watch. This decision isn't the one that i made overnight. No! I was going back and forth before even actually decide.

There are view things i would like to do before starting, and i will update to you angels what are the things that i did or going to do for starting a YouTube channel. As some of you may know i actually already have a channel (tapi macam dah berhabuk). So i decided to swipe away the dust and redecorate it with (i hope) some awesome YouTube videos that (i hope) will help and entertain you in any ways possible. So that's that...

This blog will also going to be filled with my thoughts and loves.

That is all from me now. Have a good day Angels!


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